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Guitar Hero 3

Pricing: Varies Rating: 9/10

This game is the third installment to the Guitar Hero series. This game comes with the Xplorer guitar. Along with 2 sticker sheets. The in game options are very much regular. You have the career play, co-op play, quick play, as well your x-box live features as well.

The unlockables of the game are pretty average, mostly dealing with bonus songs and different characters and guitar. What I was most excited for was the Downloaded songs, where if you check out Xbox Live/Wii Net, you can actually download more songs straight onto your Wii, or your Xbox 360 Hard Drive.

In the Career mode, you have a total of 42 songs and 3 rock battles, the first against Tom Morello, then against Slash, and the final battle is against Lou. In these guitar battles star power has been vanquished, and now battle gems come into play. You have several different kinds, Difficulty up, Cut string, Amp Overload, and Whammy. Your goal in these battles is to defeat the other opponent by using the battle gems to screw them up, even if you pass the song with flying colors, you'll still fail if the other opponent passes as well.

The game has the classic levels of play, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

Easy contains 3 notes on the guitar, Medium has 5, Hard has 6, and Expert is just insanely fast with all 6 notes. The difference between each of the modes is actually pretty good. When you play on easy, everything is smooth, the jump to medium is more hectic, and hard is just pushing the limits. When you jump from level to level it's not like you're going to be good right off, you need to work and practice at it.

The songs of the game are in my opinion, not quite updated, the bonus songs are more up to date, but the two songs that I'm familiar with, that are from the year 2000 and up are Miss Murder by AFI and When You Were Young by The Killers. A lot of the songs from the game are classics [eye of the tiger, hit me with your best shot, rock n roll all night] from hopefully familiar bands (if you're a classic rock junkie).

The notes of the songs match the song perfectly, when you know the song, you know that the note corresponds with a certain sound, and it really sets you into the zone, and makes you just want to sing along and dance around.

The face offs also have 3 different modes, Face off, Pro Face off, and battle. Battle follows the same rules as in the game. The face off, you both play the song in full and Pro Face Off you take turns playing different riffs.

The Wii difference: If you play with the wii, your connect a Wiimote to your guitar(or use the Wiimote by itself, straight up!), and other than that, all modes are the same.

The PS2 difference: If you use a PS2 you dont have a wireless controller, and you cant get downloadable content.

My rating: A- The games songs were kind of outdated, and the in game had less of a 1-player mode rather than just playing the songs. It needed more battles, and more features for the game to get a 10/10

Reviewed by: Jomo