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DemX v0.1a

DemX is one of my many games that I'm working on. It's in the Planning stages at the moment so new things are always being added. It has the basic Shoot, Sprint, and don't die gameplay. Currently there is only one enemy but more will be added with better AI. There are many glitches but they will all be fixed sometime or another.

Preview - Download Creator: Samuraikill
Egypt Bombing Alpha Version

The first 3D Game Demo released by Psyche! Studios, you fly a bomber around and enjoy a pretty cool 3D world, enjoy landing, taking off, and throwing bombs. NOTE: This game is still in development, if downloaded now, please understand game experience will change with later versions.

Preview - Download Creator: Michael Arellano

This is a demo of our most recent project, Puzzled. You are the blue square. You can play 2 different modes, and each mode has 3 levels. Make sure you click on the instructions tab on the main screen of the game to get detailed directions.

Preview - Download Creator: Cai Greef
Stickman RPG Test

I am currently working on a stick figure RPG. I will probably be changing the character sprite, but for now, he's a stick figure. This small test takes place in a small city in his world. Run around and explore!

Preview - Download Creator: Cai Greef
Motorcycle Escape

This game is called Escape on a Motorcycle, created by Sarx. It can be played in 1 or 2 player mode, you must dodge, tanks, turrets and bullets in a race against a friend. Enjoy.

Preview - Download Creator: Cai Greef
Psyche Smash

Alfie and his friends are getting into trouble and its your job to drive your trusty red car and splatter Alfie and friends, as you dodge obstacles on a never ending track.

Preview - Download Creator: Jomo

The world of Pac Man has changed, Mario and his chain chomp enemies have invaded this classic game world, and it's up to you to catch all the stars. Complete all 4 levels of play for a bonus level.

Preview - Download Creator: Jomo

One of the most impossible games to play, your job is to hunt the allusive pink ball as the red balls take over the field. Very simple game, but sure to keep you entertained.

Preview - Download Creator: Jomo
Not Another Game Demo

Featuring 20 levels of play, save and load features, as well as a small introduction to the game. It is complete, and Not Another Game Demo.

Preview - Download Creator: Jomo and Travis

Become a quearky and green block in the mildly themed "Cubex". There are several interactive devices used in the game, but the game has been cut short to a 3 level demo.

Preview - Download Creator: Travis
Psyche! Studios Jukebox

A small little program created for playing music in the background. Forget waiting for itunes to load, use Psyche! Studios Jukebox to play the CD that's been sitting in your Drive. A fun little visual adds to the background application.

Preview - Download Creator: Jomo