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Demx and Flapped

I've been working on my 2 main games Demx and Flapped. I have a friend working on the sprites and making new characters for the games (Shawn Myers). Both games will both be on android and windows.

8:30 pm 5/11/2014

So I'm finally back to making games. And this time I'm putting my full effort into making this game called Flapped. It will be based off of flappy bird and will have many different features including multiplayer. Progress has been pretty good so far and I plan to release it on the android market as well for free with advertisments. I may release it on windows as well. I will include a link to it on here if anyone wants to try it in it's early stages of development.

Screenshots - Download8:00 pm 3/2/2014

I haven't really been updating the site that much. I've been doing so many other things now and work has kept me really busy. How's everyone been? I haven't really been working on any games lately but I do plan on getting into the business someday. Take care.

11:50 pm 2/2/2014
Android App Developer!

I have recently created a developer profile for android to create games for the platform. Be sure to keep a look out on Google Play.

6:30 pm 8/12/2012

Sorry for the lack of updates last month, work has gotten the better of me so I've been in Florida for the whole month. I'm planning on working on some of my games this month and hopefully I can give you all news on whats going on. So enjoy this April :)

1:10 am 4/5/2012
Welcome Back Cai

Cai formally known as Sarx has returned to bring you some information about the games he's been working on, Runner and Tanks (Name may change). Runner currently features Varied Game Modes, 4 Player Multiplayer, Player Color Customization, and Xbox 360/Joystick Support. Tanks currently features Tank Body and Turrent Customization. Check out the Screenshots below and let us know what you think in the forums.

Screenshots6:55 am 2/15/2012
GalacticX Rename

Well, I decided to change the name because I didn't feel satisfied with the current title. I'm renaming it to GStar, So I hope that sounds a little nicer.

3:38 am 2/13/2012
Another New Game!

The name of the new game is called DemX! I started making this game along time ago but I never really picked it back up until now. I will have it linked in the games page so you can try it out for yourself. And leave a post on the forums about what you think of it.

2:18 am 1/27/2012
All Pages Added!

Took a little longer than I thought but I finished adding all the pages. I just need to finish adding the reviews and I should be able to replace the old design with the new one. Another thing too is the Staff Bios, Everyone should get on here sometime so they can update them, because I'm sure no one is staying the same age forever :D

11:42 PM 1/23/2012
New Lightbox system

Been up all night getting this lightbox system setup with the other javascripts which has been causing problems with the scripts, but I finally fixed it so now It will be added to all photos.I've also added the Games page so check it out!

4:22 AM 1/22/2012
Comment System

I've been trying to implement a comment system into each post but it might take a little bit to get it integrated. In the mean time I'm going to work on the rest of the pages.

4:00 PM 1/19/2012
A Little Something New

Welcome to the new site! It's been completely remade from top to bottom! I'm still working on it though and I need to make all the new pages and link them. I should have it done by tomorrow, but you know there's always more to add :D So let me know what you think about the new site in the forums and let me know if you like the design. I'm tired now so goodnight :P

12:35 AM 1/19/2012
Happy New Year!

Sorry for being away for so long, I might put the forums registration back up soon because I'm not seeing as many bots on there as before. On another note if anyone is interested I'm doing a Let's play of QUBE on my NoveKenshin Channel from youtube. So till next time.

1:52 AM 1/17/2012 - by Samuraikill
Forum Spam

Wow, It looks like the forum is being spammed pretty bad. I will be deleting usernames and posts to clean it up so sorry if I accidently delete yours. Send me a PM on the forum to let me know if your legit and I will not delete you.

1:50 AM 8/7/2011 - by Samuraikill
Been Awhile...

It's been too long since my last post. I haven't had much going on but small projects here and there, And I've also been busy with my personal life. I'm thinking about updating the site but I don't know when. Anyway, I'll try to post more later.

3:00 AM 8/7/2011 - by Samuraikill
Galactic X News

I would like to say that I have the AI working very well, as for the new enemys. I just wish that I had more time to work on this everyday. But It's turning out well, Just hope I can fix the graphics issue on the models sometime. The game is in the begining of taking shape. Well take care! I'll keep giving updates as much as possible.

9:20 PM 1/30/2011 - by Samuraikill
Galactic X v0.06

Well first off, Happy New Year! I have alot of plans for the game this year, Sorry it took so long to put out a new release. There are some really nice things being added to the game that will make it much better, such as AI and new enemys. And with that I will give you all the newest version 0.0.6! And don't forget to check it out over at the YoYo Games website, It also has the new changelog. Hope everyone has a great 2011!

12:30 AM 1/5/2011 - by Samuraikill
Merry Christmas! New Modeler

Hey! Christmas is comming up, I don't really have anything new to share but I'm using a new modeler for now because Blender is just not giving me the right textures that I need to make a good game. I'm using Anim8tor, It seems like it is the only In-Modeler that will shows how textures will look and not mess them up. Well hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

4:40 PM 12/22/2010 - by Samuraikill
Galactic X v0.05 Release!

Finally got all the particles to work properly! I've added many new things to this release, you can see all the changes by going into the game and pressing F1. Also, You can check out this game over at Yoyo Games!

Screenshots 9:45 PM 10/17/2010 - by Samuraikill
Galactic X Particles

Thanks to the great people over at the yoyo forums, I am adding some new particles to the game. This will help me create new kinds of weapons and effects. I will release v0.05 when I get some of these particles working.

5:15 PM 10/06/2010 - by Samuraikill
Galactic X v0.04 update!

Just wanted to update somethings for a better release. I added new models, added forward and backward movement, and Improved collision. I am planing on putting some effects into the next release and adding some more gameplay with new power ups and upgrades.

Screenshots 6:25 PM 9/24/2010 - by Samuraikill
Galactic X v0.03 release!

Well, Sorry for the wait. I finally did enough to this release to just show you all how it's coming. I still have much to do to this but I will keep trying to put time into this for everyone to enjoy. I will keep posting updates every now and then.

Screenshots 3:45 AM 9/24/2010 - by Samuraikill
Competition 05 Winners!

The competition is over! Check out the glog for the winners! Check out the glog here!

12:40 PM 5/12/2010 - by Samuraikill
Game Maker 8 Instant Play

The YoYo Games site now supports instant play for GM 8. Check out the glog here!

5:15 PM 5/11/2010 - by Samuraikill
Hero Core

Here is a nice little retro game over at the yoyo community.

Picture - Site 2:30 AM 5/11/2010 - by Samuraikill
Galactic X

I have decided to name the project Galactic X! It's in it's very early stages but It will become a very fun game. I have a few screenies for you!

Screenshots 2:10 AM 5/11/2010 - by Samuraikill

I'm working on a new project but It doesn't have a name yet. It's a 3D space shooter. I'll show pictures soon.

4:35 PM 4/7/2010 - by Samuraikill
AM2R Update

So their are some new updates from DoctorM64 at his Blog. He is doing great progress with his Metroid remake.

7:51 PM 4/3/2010 - by Samuraikill

If you have any comics you would like to add to the site please submit them to our email and we will send you a reply and post it on the site.

8:15 PM 3/31/2010 - by Samuraikill
Updates again

Not really much to talk about today. But I will leave you with a trailer.

7:40 PM 3/31/2010 - by Samuraikill
New Forums!

Hey, We have a new forum now and It's now built into the site. Check it out! Here.

10:43 AM 2/18/2010 - by Samuraikill

Hey, go check out the forum when you get the chance and talk in the community!

8:30 PM 2/1/2010 - by Samuraikill
New weekly Poll! #2

There is a new poll for this week. Check it out in the poll section.

8:10 AM 2/1/2010 - by Samuraikill
New weekly Poll!

There is a new poll for this week. Check it out in the poll section.

8:33 PM 1/28/2010 - by Samuraikill

If you wish to submit any new games to us, send an email to and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.

6:44 PM 1/27/2010 - by Samuraikill
New Hosting

We have a new host at Godaddy now. And new games are on the rise :)

11:33 AM 1/19/2010 - by Samuraikill

Hey guys we're working on a lot of new games. Stay tuned for more news.

10:55 AM 8/21/2009 - by jomo

Hey everyone, you guys have all been asking about Sarx's game project Speedbots, they release was delayed several times due to server errors, however we now have the game available for download. Unfortunately, we can't offer Instant Play, but this comes with a video. Please enjoy the game, it's great fun. Go to the games page, it has the word NEW in red.

1:24 PM March 2nd - by jomo
Reinhold Concept Video

Okay, for all of you who don't know what Reinhold is, I'll explain. "Reinhold" is the code name for the most amazing video game that will ever be created. i have a very, very, very, ----------rough video just to use as a concept transition to the big scene where you meet the villain. I uploaded the video to site, and you can download it from here.

Video Download 9:05 PM 10/02/08 - by Sarx